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What We Do ?

We mount or laminate and die cut your printing and packaging or display materials in a truly exceptional range of sizes for your convenience and economy. We can process paper (including flute or corrugated board) and plastics. Mounting (joining of paper or carboard sheets) makes your material more rigid for durability and facilitates a higher print quality. Cello glazing can improve both durability and appearance.

Industrial Design

(concept design and Proto type sample)

Knife Making

(automatic laser knife making)


(maximum sheet size 1200 x 1620mm)


( maximum sheet 1500 x 2000mm)


(Maximum sheet 1680 x 510mm)


(1250 x 1680mm)

Innovative Ideas

With a wealth of experience, we can make recomenedations to help tailor your idea to better suit your need.


From the idea to sample, and sample to production. Neil and the team can provide a full service, Fast-turnaround sampling time.


We pride ourselves on having the shortest possible lead times. Making it less stressful for you.

Our Showcase

With over 40 years of industry experience, Showcard Displays is capable of designing, creating, and producing even the most abstract of packaging ideas. Give us a challenge!!!


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