Our Capabilities

The managing director has four decades of experience in the print finishing industry. Staff in key positions also have extensive experience in processing a wide variety of printing materials, including packaging and three-dimensional display items.

Industrial Design

(concept design and Proto type sample)

Knife Making

(automatic laser knife making)


(maximum sheet size 1200 x 1620mm)


( maximum sheet 1500 x 2000mm)


(Maximum sheet 1680 x 510mm)


(1250 x 1680mm)

Machinery Table

The following are our most commonly used machines and are all in house.

ItemMax Sheet (mm)Min Sheet (mm)Max Image (mm)Stock Range
Heidelberg Cylinder 77530 X 770210 X 297570 X 77080-400gsm (625um board)
Yisheng JX168
1300 X 1680540 X 36080-400gsm (625um board)
Die Cut Platens (3)1280 X 1800650 X 910Per Flute Specified
Mounting Machine1500 X 2000650 X 910Per Flute Specified
Mounting Machine1450 X 1050650 X 910Per Flute Specified
TSD Laser
Knife Making Machine
Sizes AboveSizes AbovePer Order